Money Over Lives

I was temporarily banned from Twitter last week, for abuse and harassment.

I was, perhaps, a little harsher with my words than usual, but you see, I was quite annoyed. “Lord” Alan Sugar was in an interview where he posited two distinct things: That staff cannot be trusted to work from home, and that as nobody he knows has died of COVID-19, we are past the peak and should all get back to work. This, coming from a man who has been squirrelled away safe and sound on his private estate in Florida; a dinosaur that cannot see the massive productivity boosts across the board for the vast majority of office workers working from home.

My offending reply read:

“What a stupid arrogant motherfucker: “Nobody I know is dead, so fuck everyone else” Wants to reopen everything because money, never mind the fact that the UK has had the highest deaths per million people in Europe. Absolute prick.”

This isn’t even to complain about my banning as it’s since been rescinded, it’s just comment on the ridiculousness of it being harassing and abusive to shine a light on someone openly calling to knowingly risk the lives of his employees for the sake of a perceived loss of control over his workforce. Now that, I’d call abuse and harassment.

Absolute prick.

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