Money Over Lives

I was temporarily banned from Twitter last week, for abuse and harassment. I was, perhaps, a little harsher with my words than usual, but you see, »

The World is On Fire

A few years ago I removed all of the politically charged content from this blog, partially for fear of alienating my potential audience in this and »

Day Five: A Day of Writing

This year I'm making an extra effort to write a piece everyday (so far, so good!). And I'm thinking that anything I probably wouldn't look to »


Most years I take part in NaNoWriMo. I've never actually 'won', in no small part because of my me-time management issues glossed over in my last »


I have a tendency to burn my free time. I work 8-5 five days a week. On top of that, my girlfriend and I watch a »


I realised yesterday that I now find myself in a position for which I did not have empathy five years ago. I spend anywhere between three »

Microsoft - Moving On

Microsoft have announced that, as of July 2018, their staff will no longer entertain questions about a big chunk of their depreciated products. Windows 7, Windows »

The Mythological Jesus

Here's something a little different. I should preface this short piece with a standard "this is not intended to offend", and also with a blunt but »

IT - The Cost of Ignorance

I've been in IT Support in one form or another for my entire working life. Even in jobs where it wasn't the reason I was originally »

Reboot - Deleting Things

This site has been through more iterations than I care to count. It's been a landing page, a Blogspot page, a Blogger page, a landing page »