Session 2

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-Bodo used necklace to locate demon strike teams
-Battle royale vs strike teams
-Party find main hideout, battle ensues
-Battle with cultists, incubus, and blood dragon wyrmling
-Meghan ate dirt. Again.

While Meghan and Grub slept off their wounds from the previous day, Mithaal took the opportunity to visit the local Mages' Guild and enquire about membership. Bodo had the same thought, but a few minutes behind. They were asked for the signature of a local backer, and Dharmenos happily obliged for Mithaal, and more reservedly does the same for Bodo. Mithaal is given a handful of scrolls with the proviso that he pass along any arcane focus crystals he comes across in his travels. While Bodo rubs the Mages' guild up the wrong way, he's taught the basics of ritual casting for Mithaal to expand on with him at a later time.

Upon awaking and finding that the group had visited the Mages' guild without them, Grub and Meghan decide to take the necklace they'd received from the Succubus to be examined. Unfortunately, the doorman does not react well to an obviously unhinged paladin and his pet goblin waving a cursed Cyristic artefact in his face, and threatens them to leave on pain of magical evisceration.

Mithaal identifed the necklace for what it was, and, throwing caution to the wind, Bodo placed it around his neck. He immediately understood the thoughts being transmitted between groups of demons abducting citizens.

-Moment of greatness: Mithaal for repeatedly tricking the dragon into harming itself.
-Party XP evens out. Total: 2,700xp.