If you only watch our videos on Youtube, this won't be of any interest to you, but if you're one of our Twitch viewers you'll have noticed that we did a 59 second stream at the start of the month. In actual fact, we had far and away the best run of Halo 1's Truth and Reconciliation we've ever done. Unfortunately, while everything seemed fine on the OBS side of things, we noticed just before the stream ended that it hadn't filtering through to Twitch for some reason. OBS was hanging in the process of closing off the stream, which quickly dispelled the idea that it might have streamed fine and that the archive would show up in a minute.

Understandably we weren't particularly happy with this turn of events, and what would have been a day of three or four levels turned into a bit of a rage quit moment. The upshot is that I'll be recording a re-run of the level at some point this week, but Jade's pretty adamant that I'll be playing it alone. She'll probably be on the audio track though, and will definitely be rejoining for the following level!