January 29, 2019

Quick Update

I've not posted here in a fair while, but I wanted to do a quick update to clarify why that is. Think pieces and anything about writing will still be posted here, as me. Meanwhile, gaming bits and bobs will more often than not be in video form under the Passable Gamers banner. Likewise other popular media falling under Passable Media will be posted there.

My Marvel Retrospective series is written almost in full, but I'm not going to be releasing it, since its something I want to cover for Passable Media in the future, but I'll be keeping what's already out up on the site for posterity.

As I've said before, I have a bit of a habit of deleting posts and tweets once they no longer reflect me as I am today, and I want to avoid doing that going forward. Instead, I'll just be keeping my readers up to date with what's changing and when.

That's all, no shameless plug, no Amazon links, just a quick update like the title suggested.

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