Passable Media and Other Updates

I've very much shifted the way I work on bits and pieces for Passable Media this last month, one might even say to the point where I'm begging to burn out in the very near future, but we'll see.

Basically the Youtube Shorts bubble popped, and that's currently the best way to attract new viewers, so I'm focussing a lot of energy in getting a 1 minute video out 6 days a week (I keep saying I don't promise those videos but honestly it will feel like a failure if I miss one), and a longer "proper" video on Mondays.

My writing has suffered a little (again), but I'm starting to get a kind of stability in place, having trimmed the editing and social media time to around an hour, meaning that Passable Media shouldn't encompass all of my time. I want to pick back up on the writing 1000 words a day thing I was doing this time last year, because that felt really productive and I got some really good stuff out of the project.

Plus, although we've fallen off since Christmas, I spent a lot of the holidays worldbuilding Newtonian with my brother Alex, and Fractured with my sister Georgia, having somehow captured both of their imaginations with the two concepts. It's not the same thing as actually writing them, but having someone specific to a project that I'm able to bounce ideas off of is genuinely great.

Overall I think things are going quite well.