Dungeons and Dragons - The Broken Planes

The Broken Planes is a 5th edition custom setting that I pasted together from others that I enjoyed and stitched in a story that I wanted to tell. The upshot is, the End War happened. Huge swaths of planes of existence and deities new and old were ripped from creation in an event known as the Shattering. Some are forgotten entirely, while others are vaguely remembered thanks to remaining monuments and now-orderless priests. What remains after the chaos is a single plane dubbed "Ruin", and colloquially known as either the Shattered Plane or the Broken Plane depending on who you talk to.

Ruin is a pastiche of various settings, with parts of Abanasinia, Breland, the Dales, the Estuary of the Forked Tongue, Perrenland, Ravenloft, the Sword Coast, and the lifeless and inaccessible form of Sigil floating above Monolith in the centre of the plane.

When it comes to the gods, I have borrowed heavily from the Icon concept from the 13th Age; the gods can no longer interact with mortals across the planes, nor can they manifest directly, so they do so by using a mortal as a conduit. The gods and hosts may roam the world, they may take up a seat of power, of they may simply live out their days in peace in this strange, new world.

Angharradh becomes the Elf Queen, Aureon becomes the Emperor, Bahamut becomes the Great Gold Wyrm, Silvanus becomes the High Druid, Vecna becomes the Lich King, Moradin becomes the Dwarf King, Cyric becomes the Diabolist, Tempus becomes the Crusader, Azuth becomes the Archmage, Gruumsh becomes the Orc Lord, Mystra becomes the Priestess, Mask becomes the Prince of Shadows, and finally Tiamat becomes the Three. In addition to the Icons; Pelor, Selune, Bane, and Auril are remembered, but are unable to manifest in any way. Leira was killed in the first moments of the Shattering by a weapon forged to drain a god's essence, which has had the unintended consequence of ruining the balance of the world should the gods ever be able to return in full. Where exactly her powers wound up is unknown. Lastly, though not a god herself, the Lady of Pain is still active within Sigil, where the immense telescopes of Breland can see life still thrives, though the doors of the great city are dark and inaccessible.

The intention is that, eventually, the party will have the opportunity to help guide the path this new world takes; whether this means ensuring that the gods never return, or that the planes be repaired in full, or anything in between. Perhaps the party just want to know what caused the Shattering. Did the City of Doors suffer some kind of accident that echoed across reality? The the war between the gods reach a climactic end? The time simply reach its natural end, and our heroes simply find themselves within its last vestiges before the end? Indeed, did the Icon system come into being because of the Shattering, or did this change in the way the universe functions cause the Shattering?

Our story begins, one hundred or so years after the plane of Ruin came into being...