NaNoWriMo: Day 13

Technically we’re an hour into Day 14, but since I’ve only done 142 words, we’ll pretend it’s an hour earlier than it is.

The week has gone surprisingly well. I’m past the hump that usually knocks me out of the competition, having only previously gotten this far, and then to the end, in 2009. I had a bit of a wobble on Wednesday, writing only 450 words, and then a much bigger one on Thursday, writing nothing. And yet, after somehow getting a burst of creativity yesterday and having my best day so far this year, I’m still two days ahead of schedule!

This week I completed both Things That Go Bump and The Healer and the Horde, so they join the seven “Scholar” epigraphs from last week on the finished pile. “Epigraph” is absolutely the wrong word for what these have become because of their length, but that’s what they started out as, so that’s what they remain in my head. I’ll almost definitely finish The Scholar (three 500 word pieces to go) this coming week, along with From Mops to Magi (4279 words) and War Games (3272 words). That will account for three days or so, leaving me two days to wrap up Thief Taker (1730 words). If things go to plan, and I don’t randomly start any of the remaining stories in the time frame, that leaves me with about 11 days to write The Prince of Time, The Truth of Things, Motherhood, and The Masquerade. This will be tight, requiring about 1818 words a day, so hopefully I get another big burst of creative energy that lets me blow past that goal.

That is, of course, if I’m aiming to finish the book. This is the hope, but if the raw word count has to become my defacto goal, then that should be an easy backup since at the moment my NaNoWriMo tracker says I’ll finish on the 27th.

Current Total: 25,525

Current Goal: 21,671

Target: 50,000

Words to go: 24,475

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