NaNoWriMo 2021, Day 7

One week in, a little less than a quarter of the way there time-wise, and honestly I’ve never felt more confident. Maybe it’s because I’m usually less prepared? Whereas this time I’ve been planning what I’m doing basically since January. Every time I feel like I’m going to lose momentum I get a lucky spark and carry on from a different angle.

Not to shine a light on my secret or anything, but I think it’s because choosing to do a short story compilation has somewhat weaponised my procrastination. Usually what happens when I sit down to work on a big project is that I get a few thousand words in and then think– “Gee, now wouldn’t that be a great idea for this other project over here?”. That’s less of a factor with a short story compilation, because most of the projects I’d otherwise be working on are handily in the same document!

In terms of goals laid against where I am right now, as of writing I’m sitting at 14,379 words, and the goal word count for today is 11,669, which means I’m about a day and a half ahead of schedule. This, by the way, is unheard of for me after about day three, where I usually burn out after writing 5000-6000 words a day and then don’t touch the project for the rest of the month!

“Fractured” contains nine short stories of around 5,000 words each, plus a tenth short story told in ten 500-word epigraphs. I’ve completed one of the short stories and six of the epigraphs, all coming in at slightly above their planned word count. In addition I’m about 3,000 words deep into one short story, and about 1,500 into another. Assuming I write any more today (I’ve already managed a little over 2,000), I’ll be focussing on finishing the one sitting on 3,000 words at the moment. Besides that, I’m planning to break the rules go back and edit the 1,500 word story to change the pacing, as I’m not convinced I can end it satisfactorily as it stands right now. It certainly worked with the story I finished today, as I was only planning to go back and edit some bits, and wound up writing over 2,000 words to finish it off as part of the bargain!

In other news, Passable Media videos have dropped off a little this week, as expected. It’s a shame that I can’t manage both at the same time, but I’ll muddle through somehow! Truth be told it’s not the end of the world, as channel growth has ground to a halt in the last few weeks, so this pseudo-break might be a good move to come back strong with something a little different. We’ll see!

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