An Unintentional Refresh

Hey everyone, it’s been a while! Long story short it’s been a bit of a pants year, and we’re keeping that train rolling with the Ghost platform this site previously ran on going end of life with TSO Host (It would have been just swell for them to tell me that ahead of time). This meant that in one of the brief moments I was able to get access to the backend, I picked up the posts I had an inkling towards keeping, and ran!

So here we are, back on WordPress, for what must be the sixth or seventh time for this domain. Sod it, maybe I’ll stay this time. There’s no getting around it, this theme is hideous, and I’ll for sure replace it as soon as I get around to it, but everything being put out at the moment seems so artsy and designed for blogs with a crap-ton of photos, and that’s just not my bag.

I would say “expect more content soon”, but maybe just to be on the safe side don’t do that. I’m going to try and better split my time between writing for me and writing for Passable Media over the next few weeks and months, so I’m hopeful I’ll use this space a bit more. It became a bit of a museum to the shame of never updating, to the point that by the end I was almost glad when Ghost went the way of the dodo.

I suppose I should take a minute to talk about Passable Media away from the prying eyes of the channel itself. It’s been a mixed bag. I can’t make heads or tails of the Youtube algorithm, which from the sounds of it puts me slap bang in there with about 99% of creators on the platform. Some Shorts do really well, clearly making it onto the Shorts shelf, others don’t garner a single view. But if I pop up another video trying to chase that same topic that did well? Nada, nothing, squat. I am for sure enjoying it, though. The channel growth has been slow, in fact demoralisingly so. In the last seven months since relaunching the channel I’ve gained a whopping 221 subscribers, which, honestly, I shouldn’t belittle; the channel’s been active for 50 months, and it’s taken a mere 7 months to gain just over ten times the subscriber base I had in the first 43. And yet, it feels slow. Especially given that there’s a video out (almost) everyday. I managed to do 100 days straight without missing a single upload, but since I realised that consistency was not, in fact, key, I’ve slowed down a little so I’m not in a constant state of stress.

Unfortunately, my inbuilt need to turn everything into a project or a series means that at any given time there are half a dozen videos that I’ve promised and not yet delivered. Whether it’s keeping on top of the Arrowverse stuff, or releasing relevant videos in a timely manner bumping others, I just feel like I spend more time on the back foot than not. And I am left asking myself far too often whether there’s any point to it. There’s no epiphany here, it’s an open question that I’m going to keep asking myself until I find an answer!

And, on the subject of open questions, Owen asked if I wanted to do NaNoWriMo together this year, to kind of coax each other along. I could really do with it actually, I’m super up for the idea. I just need to get it through my head that I’m not going to be able to keep up a consistent run of Youtube videos every single day and also keep up with the writing, but I think it’s only fair to temporarily sideline one project (that, honestly, has gotten a whole lot of my spare time this year) to shore up another one.

Oh and we’re moving. Buying a flat, in fact! Hopefully. The solicitors have been, well, solicitors, and given that there’s no chain whatsoever it’s been dragged out immensely. We should have been moved by August bank holiday weekend, and here we are in the middle of October with no completion date in sight. Soon? Maybe?

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